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Stories [07/19/17]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, so I've been writing my sories and I'm trying to really buckle down and write so here's what I have for you all to read. ^_^ Please comment!!!

Virtue of Tomorrow
Virtue of Tomorrow: Prologue
Virtue of Tomorrow: Chapter one

Rhythm of Love
Rhythm of Love: Part one


Keeping Track of Concerts / Dream Concerts [07/17/11]

I've though of doing this before, but never took the time. lol But being bored at work seems like as good a time as any. :p

I love going to concerts. We know this. recently I tried to recall who all I have seen in concert and who I would ideally love to see. A list has formed. :p so I figured, why not share it with the world. XD

Groups I Have Seen In Concert
Dir en Grey - III
The Underneath
Moi Dix Mois
Blood Stain Child
Seikima II
Inugami Circus Dan
Budo Grape
Fair to Midland
Bleed the Dream
Apocalyptica - II
Jeffree Star
It Boys - II
Marylin Mason
Killswitch Engage
Less than Jake
Simple Plan
Sax Pack

List of Bands/People I Would Kill to See (*Many of these will never happen, I know this. but this is a dream list...)

X Japan (with hide)*
X Japan (Current)
Dir en Grey

Versailles (with Jasmine)
Celtic Thunder
Malice Mizer*
U-Kiss (original 7)*
U-Kiss (current)
Brian Joo

I plan to add to both these lists as the years go by. :) concerts are the best!!

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Virtue of Tomorrow: Chapter 1 [07/25/07]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Deep in the forest, the sunlight drifted down through the branches. The cold earth had a light dusting of snow. The air was quiet. The cold was bitter and frigid; painful. One of sane mind would never venture out into this frigid wilderness, yet the silence was broken by footsteps crunching in the snow. A young man, surely having seen no more than a score of summers walked below the branches, with a small girl child following closely at his heels. Looking around as she walks, she hums a simple tune. Her hair was pulled back into a long braid that fell below her knees and bounced about as she walked. She was young, but no younger than thirteen and wore a light green outfit decorated in leaves and brightly colored flowers; clearly designed for fighting, with no sleeves and small shorts to provide easy movement. She wore guards on her wrists and wrapped her legs to mid-calf. The kunai holder on her right leg made it clear that she was a young ninja, most likely still in training.

Not paying attention to her surroundings she stumbles into the young man whom has recently stopped walking. Her bright green eyes look up at his face.

“Hogosha? Is something wrong? Why’d you stop?”

The young man doesn’t respond. He stares intently into a thick area of the forest. Bushes grow out of control, vines drape through the branches. A person could hide and never be seen in the thicket. The girl looks about to try and see the reason for his halt, but sees nothing.

“Hogosha, is something there?”

Without any warning the princess comes running out of the thicket. Her once immaculate kimono is now in rags. The rough branches have taken their toll on her as well. Her arms and legs are covered in scratches, scrapes and cuts. Blood trickles down her pale skin. Her face is streaked with tears and filled with scratches; the origin of the red in her sea green hair. Once glorious, her hair is a tangled mass of leaves, twigs, thorns, blood and tears. She starts upon seeing the two strangers.

“Help me, please!”

She runs behind Hogosha and collapses onto the ground, panting and sobbing. The small girl rushes over to help her. Behind her, a group of soldiers burst through the bushes. They stop when they see the two travelers. A rugged soldier steps forward.

“Who the hell are you?”

Hogosha remains unbothered by all the arrivals. He simply stands, and faces the intruders. Slowly, he reaches back and grasps the hilt of his sword.

“No one you need be concerned about.”

From behind, a soldier laughs causing the others to turn about.

“What’s that supposed to mean-”

Suddenly cut off, Hogosha stands behind the remaining soldiers. No one is moving. His hand is no longer on the hilt of his sword; he smirks slightly.

“It means, I’m not telling you who I am because… you’re all dead.”


The soldiers collapse forward spraying blood as they fall to the freezing earth. Red spreads across the cold earth reaching forward, staining the once pale ground like an invasive carpet. The shocked faces of soldiers gape up from the floor, splattered with dirt, sweat and trickling crimson beads. Silence returns like a vacuum having sucked the very life out of all surrounding creatures. Something strange hangs in the air, musty, thick and striking. The scent of death.

Upon closer inspection, many gashes grace the soldier’s bodies. Hogosha’s sword had killed yet again, with incredible speed and accuracy. The smirk on his face echoes as a beacon to the deed. Through the silence, all eyes are brought to this sight. The kind of sight one cannot pull their eyes away from.

The princess stares on in disbelief.

Incredible…I didn’t even see him move.

Not noticing the young man clean his sword on the grass, sheath it, and start to walk away, she is suddenly jolted back to her senses by a shout from the young girl.


The young man stops, but does not respond.

“Where are you going? Can’t you see she needs help? How can you just walk away?” Daggers shoot from her eyes as she stares at Hogosha.

Hogosha doesn’t move. The moment drags on, seeming to last an eternity. Without turning or otherwise showing any sign of movement he speaks.

“It’s none of my concern. They were in my way. It’s not my job to aid every helpless person I come across.”

“How can you say that? She’s obviously in trouble. We have to help her!” At this point the girl is quite angry with Hogosha and his indifference.

“I don’t have to do anything. If you’re so concerned for her sake, stay and look after her… I don’t care.” With this, Hogosha starts to walk off again. He keeps his back towards them showing only how little he cares.

The princess’s fears return all at once. The sight of her seemingly only source of help leaving sends her into a panic.

“Please wait!”

Hogosha stops again. Once more, he doesn’t turn around. Silence hangs in the cold air. The princess’s eyes are full of fear and cry out for help, but Hogosha still doesn’t turn. She struggles to find something to say to make him linger. The young girl stares at the princess. She says nothing, knowing that the princess is the only one that can get Hogosha to stay. Despite her fears, she finds herself staring at the young man. He is tall, with pitch-black hair falling to middle the middle of a strong back. It flutters a bit in the slight breeze. She has never seen black hair before…It strikes her as beautiful.

“Please, could you at least tell me where the nearest village is?”

No sooner does she say this than the absolute absurdity of her question strikes her. Now he’ll leave for certain…Why couldn’t I think of something else to say?

And again, silence returns. The princess hangs her head in despair, certain she’ll be left alone. The silence breaks.

“Don’t ask questions that you know the answer to.”

The princess winces. She seems to know what's coming. She’s prepared to hear his footsteps again as he continues on his way, leaving her in the cold woods. Alone. But instead of footsteps, she hears his voice.

“There’s no village within a hundred miles. Only thing you’ll find this far north is the city of Kourime, home to the castle of this kingdom. But…You should know this better than anyone else, your highness.”

With these words she snaps her head up. He slowly turns around to face the frightened princess. For the first time, she sees what the mysterious warrior looks like. His tall frame is slender, though muscular. His red and black outfit is simple; plain, straight dark red pants, with a black trim; a simple shirt in the style the princess has only seen in books, buttoned up the front with elaborately sewn frogs*. Upon closer inspection, his clothes seemed to be made of silk. He was no ordinary traveler.

As her eyes make their way up the silhouette, the blackness of his appearance caused his sapphire like left eye to sparkle. The entire look of it is startling. But even more startling was the fact that across his right eye ran a long scar; starting above his eyebrow, running down to below his cheekbone. Instead of the glowing sapphire of a left eye, his right shines pale, almost white only showcasing it’s obvios lack of vision. The princess jerks backward at the sight and turns away. With a shaking voice she finally gathers up the courage to respond.

“I know…But I can’t go back there…not anymore.”

Fresh tears run down her already tear-marked face. The young girl tries to comfort her.

“Hey, don’t cry. It’s okay, we’ll help you!”

Hogosha grunts in disapproval. The young girl’s daggers return as she glares at him.

“Suiren, Tell him to help her!”

The princess looks confused. Suiren? There are only two people other than herself there. Who on earth was she talking to? Her question was answered shortly by a glimmer of blueish light above Hogosha’s shoulder. At first it seemed like a trick of the setting sun filtering through the trees, but it only grows brighter and before the princess is able to figure out what is happening the glow erupts in a warm blue flash. Suddenly, hovering above Hogosha’s shoulder is a crouching faerie. She begins to straighten herself. Falling past her slender shoulders, rippling like water, is long golden hair. As she slowly lifts her head it flows around her torso shining with the same luster of white gold, until it falls to its resting-place just above her knees. As she straightens her knees her water-like blue skirt flaps out around her, billowing in a spectacle of all sea colors imaginable. As she stands the true nature of her clothes can be seen. Layers upon layers of a light gauzy material fall beneath a deep green fitted belt. The material sparkles like magic, as it ripples down towards her small feet. Curved silver shoes peak out from beneath the flowing skirt. The torso of her dress is a fitted pearlescent white from which pink sequin flower designs melt down off a deep pink collar. Her sleeves made of the same pearly white, billow out of a flower-like pink puff on her shoulders and drift down past her hands. A bright pink sequin pattern adds a hint of color as a trim. She finally stands erect. Translucent white wings almost like smooth, iridescent angel wings, though lacking feathers, grow from her back adding to the mystical air around her. Her bright golden eyes and soft face give a warm, almost motherly feeling, and with a noble and royal air about her, she looks towards the young girl.

“What makes you think he’ll listen to me?”

The young girl looks at her pleadingly.

“Because you’re the only one he listens to.”

“Ayame, you know perfectly well, he only listens to me because I’m the only one who can help him on his mission. And that’s all he cares about at this point…”

She glances over at the princess, startled she turns back to Hogosha.

“Hogosha! How can you think of abandoning her like this! You know who she is don’t you?”

She looks as though if she were big enough she just might hit him. And not surprisingly Hogosha isn’t phased. After all, she is only about eight inches in height.

“If she’s not strong enough to get up on her own feet she’s of no use to me.”

“Then how exactly do you plan to rescue your sister? You came this far looking for the Princess and now you’re just going to leave her here?”

The princess looks on at the strange sight of the “harsh” warrior arguing with a tiny little faerie. Amusingly, Hogosha is even beginning to get irritated and loose his cold and emotionless air.

“I have no desire to get pulled into the problems of this kingdom. And as she is there is no way she could be of any use to me. She probably doesn’t even know who she is.”

They both turn and look at the princess. Her face is a mixture of fear and confusion. Though mostly confusion. I do too know who I am!

Suiren shoots Hogosha a stinging glare, then flies over to the princess. The Princess pulls back in apprehension.

“Whoa, don’t be afraid. We’ll help you.”

Ayame’s face lights up at this news. She turns back to the princess smiling warmly.

“See? I told you we’d help you.”

Laughingly she turns back to Suiren,

“I told you he’d only listen to you.”

Suiren looks back at Hogosha, who hasn’t moved.

“Only partly. He still doesn’t want to help.”

Hogosha turns and begins to walk away. Ayame looks at Suiren worriedly. She looks about to say something when Hogosha scoffs briefly.

“Do what you want.”

He changes course from the forest path and sits down leaning against a tree. The princess still seems wary of him. Ayame turns her attention once more to the princess.

“Don’t worry, he’s always like that. He’s really not as scary as he seems.”

She smiles warmly at the princess. Her fear seems to lessen as she turns her gaze away from Hogosha to the two smiling faces of Ayame and Suiren. Once again Suiren erupts in a blinding blue flash. The two turn away quickly. As the light subsides they warily turn back towards Suiren. And much to the Princess surprise Suiren is standing at eye level. Suiren kneels down before the princess.

“I apologize for his rude behavior. Now, lets take a look at these wounds, shall we?”

The princess doesn’t respond. Suiren lifts her head gently and looks to the princess, smiles and grasps the princess’s hand.

“My dear, it’ll be alright. We know who you are, Princess Toukiko, and you’re safe with us. So, do you think you could tell us what happened?”

The princess looks at Suiren with a sort of reluctant resolve. A look in her eyes seems to nod in solemn agreement.

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Virtue of Tomorrow: Prologue [07/19/07]
[ mood | amused ]

The sound of clashing swords rings out across the tundra. Sparks fly, screams erupt, blood rains like water from a sieve onto the disrupted earth. The formerly brilliant castle of the once peaceful ice kingdom has become a blazing inferno. Soldiers pour from the doors frantically trying to defend the palace. Swords flash in the light from the burning fires as citizens run in search of safety. One soldier stands out in the battle, a tall figure rising above the rest. The firelight flicks against his armor, as his sword sparks around him. Long silver hair falls past strong shoulders, flowing in stringy swirls about him as he fights.
“Princess! Princess, where are you?”
A young girls voice calls down from above him.
In response, the young warrior runs towards the voice. Though he is denied easy passage back into the castle halls his determination to get to the voice drives him through everyone that blocks his path. Before long he staggers upon a door.
“Princess, are you safe?”
A frightened voice emanates from behind the locked door.
“Shigeru! Hatsusa locked the door!! I’m trapped in here!”
“Princess, get away from the door, I’m coming in.”
He braces and shoves himself against the door, but it holds strong. He glares at the door.
Shit. I helped the king design these doors. They’re solid oak several inches thick meant to keep anyone out. Now these very doors have her locked in…Wait…
“Princess, these doors lock from the inside, are you sure you can’t open them?”
“Hatsusa destroyed the inside of the lock, no matter how much you turn it, it doesn’t budge!”
“There should be a secret passage out of your room into the hallway, can you use it?”
No Response. In the silence, the cries from outside impress upon Shigeru the direness of the situation.
“Princess? Is something wrong?”
“Well…I don’t know where it is….”
Shigeru sighs, clearly annoyed.
She never did pay enough attention in her lessons.
He begins checking the walls in the hallway.
There should be something to trigger the door from here…This is why I hate
hidden doors. What good do they do if no one knows where they are?
He runs his hands along the walls in search of a crack, line or anything that might signify a hidden door. Begining to grow frustrated he starts moving faster, banging harder. In no time, his air has completely changed. He frantically bangs against every surface hoping, praying, for a response. Finally… a section moves. He quickly slips through the crack in the wall.
Outside, the battle rages on. The attacking force seems to have no end. They fall in waves upon the castle. Inside, Shigeru has finally reached the princess. Despite the attack, she looks as if nothing was wrong. Her beautiful sea green hair is pulled back on top of her head with a beautiful silk bow in a royal blue. A long ponytail that reaches almost to the floor falls down from the bow. Long bangs frame her flawless face. Her white kimono with its icy blue lining is enchanting as it trails on the floor behind her. But despite her appearance, her light blue eyes are full of fear. She runs to Shigeru in a panic.
“Shigeru! What’s going on? Why is this happening?”
“Princess, We have to get you out of here!”
“But how? The door is locked and the hallways are teeming with Hatsusa’s men. They’ll never let me leave!”
Shigeru pulls her close to him. The sound of his heartbeat in her ear calms her. He holds her for a moment before grasping her shoulders and looking her straight in the eyes.
“I’ll never let Hatsusa get his hands on you. Never.”
The determination in his eyes gives her strength. She pulls herself up and nods. Shigeru takes her hand and leads her through the door in the wall. They run. The passage in the wall expands out before them. Shigeru’s grip on her arm is unbreakable as he pulls her along the passageways inside the palace walls. Suddenly, they come upon another door. Shigeru stops and motions to her to remain silent. He carefully opens the door a small crack and looks out. The door leads to right outside the palace gates.
He grabs the princess’s hand again, and quickly slips out the door. Every cell in his body is focused on getting the princess to safety. They run towards the woods, hoping and praying to go unnoticed. The princess is having trouble keeping up with Shigeru’s fast pace. She stumbles and falls. Unwillingly, she cries out in distress. Shigeru is instantly on guard. He knows the cry will alert the soldiers to their whereabouts. He quickly helps her up and they continue to run. Behind them, the sound of armored footsteps is approaching. Shigeru lets go of the princess’s hand and pushes her toward the forest.
“Run! Don’t stop, whatever you do!”
“I can’t leave you!”
“You have to!! Run! I’ll be right behind you!”
She hesitates a moment before turning to run. Behind her she can here the sounds of Shigeru fighting intensely. She forces herself to keep running. She knows no matter how much she cares she can’t help him, so she runs. She runs, and runs till her heart feels it’s going to explode in her chest. Finally, she reaches the woods. As she pauses to catch her breath, she turns back toward her kingdom. As she watches her once beautiful kingdom burn, her heart fills with sorrow. But she’s not allowed much time for mourning, as her attention is drawn to a group of figures fighting in front of the castle gate.
Shigeru is vastly outnumbered. Their escape seems to have drawn the attention of half the attacking force. A group of soldiers break off from Shigeru and head for the forest. Shigeru spots them and runs after them. The other soldiers follow behind him. He reaches the rouges and engages them as the princess watches the rest of the enemies’ reach where Shigeru is. In his fervor he fails to see the others approaching from behind him. The princesses’ terror overwhelms her and she cries out to Shigeru to look out, but all too late. One warriors' sword pierces Shigeru from behind.
Her cry alerts the soldiers to her position. A group takes off towards her. Shigeru continues to fight but with fading strength. Another sword blow to the side, and he collapses onto the ground.


Rhythm of Love [07/19/07]
[ mood | amused ]

Narration: Bright lights and cheering crowds.

Narration: Your face on TV and every magazine.

Narration: Your own fan club, with people eager to meet you.

Narration: The life of a star is everyone’s dream.

Narration: But is it really as easy, or as wonderful, as most people think?

Someone: SHUICHIIII!!!!!!

As this name is yelled, a girl cringes. She is sitting on a bed, listening to headphones and writing in a notebook. Another girl bursts into the room. She is quite mad.

Girl: Shuichi! Where is my X Japan CD?!?!

Shuichi: Don’t look at me, I haven’t seen it. Why don’t you ask Tatsuya?

Girl: I did. He said you had it.

Shuichi: Well he’s wrong.

Girl: Then what are you listening to?

Shuichi: Gackt. Did you ever think that maybe you just misplaced it?

Girl: No! I left it right there on my desk. Someone must have taken it!

Shuichi: Did you look on the floor to see if maybe it got knocked off?

Girl: Ah……E-Heh…

Shuichi: God Yuki, You’re such a doof. Go check the floor.

Shuichi Narration: Hey there! I’m Shuichi Kigai. That spazoid was my younger sister, Yukino. Despite how that may have come across, we’re actually best friends.

She looks at the time. It’s 9:00 AM. She closes her notebook and takes off her headphones.

Shuichi: (Sigh) Looks like it’s takeout for breakfast again. There’s gotta be more to life than this.

The phone rings. Shuichi answers it.

Shuichi: Hello.

Shuichi: Ah, Rin.

Shuichi: Huh? Why? All right I’ll get eveyone together. Where do you want to meet?

Shuichi: Eeeeeehhhh? The park?! Fine, we’ll be there. 11 o’clock? Got it.

She hangs up the phone.

Shuichi: Why the heck does she want to meet in the park?

Shuichi: Oh, well. I guess I better call everyone.

A boy walks into the room.

Boy: Who was that?

Shuichi: Rin. She wants R-L to meet in the park at 11.

Boy: What!?!?!?!?!? B-B-B-But I haven’t finished updating my keyboard! I can’t do this without the proper settings!! I-I-I-I just can’t!

Shuichi Narration: This is my younger brother, Tatsuya. He’s kinda weird.

Tatsuya: It’s like asking for disaster! It’s Impossi–

He suddenly gets hit in the face with a shoe. He falls to the ground. Yukino threw the shoe.

Yukino: Will you shut up, Tatsuya?

She turns to Shuichi.

Yukino: What does she want us to meet for?

Shuichi: I don’t know. She wouldn’t say. Guess we’ll just have to find out when we get there.

Yukino: I’ll call Nanase. I know she’ll be excited.

Shuichi: Heh. Yeah. Could you call Hotaru for me?

Yukino: Huh? Why?

Shuichi: Because. He’s still not talking to me.

Yukino: Are you serious? You guys broke up over a six months ago! He’s still not speaking to you?

Shuichi: You know Hotaru. He can be seriously immature sometimes. Right now he’s moping and ignoring me. So… Can you call him? ^_^

Yukino: Yeah, I’ll take care of him. Don’t worry. *-*

She smirks and her eyes glint and walks out.

Shuichi: Don’t scare him, Yuki. ^_^

Shuichi: Come on Tat-chan. Let’s get ready.

Tatsuya: @_@

Shuichi Narration: A few months ago we got together with some friends and decided to form a band. We’ve had a few gigs playing at clubs and parties, but that’s about it. But hey, we’re having fun.

We see Shuichi getting dressed and ready.

Shuichi Narration: I’m the oldest and the unofficial leader of our group. I was the one that proposed the idea and got us going. I play rhythm guitar as well as writing most of the lyrics. I’m also the backup singer.

We see Yukino getting dressed and ready.

Shuichi Narration: My younger sister, Yukino, is our lead vocalist. She helps me out a lot with organizing our group. She also writes and arranges all of our music. She’s a hard worker who really wants us to go places.

We see Tatsuya getting dressed and ready.

Shuichi Narration: My younger brother, Tatsuya plays the keyboard for us. He’s really picky about his keyboards. He totally freaks out if it’s not set right.

We now see Shuichi, Yukino, and Tatsuya walking down the street. A boy with a bass on his back waves to them and joins them walking.

Shuichi Narration: Our bass player is Hotaru Aoide. He’s a good friend of mine, and my ex-boyfriend. He can be a bit childish at times, but overall he’s a good guy.

As they are walking a girl with a guitar strapped to her back comes up and tackles Yukino and Shuichi from behind. They all laugh and she joins them.

Shuichi Narration: The last member of our group is lead guitarist, Nanase Fukimo. She’s one of Yukino’s best friends and a good friend of mine. She’s a bit eccentric at times but her never ending energy and high spirits keep us going.

We see a group shot of them all laughing as they walk.

Shuichi Narration: Together we make up the band, Rhythm – L!

Scene shows them all at the park. There, a stage is set up with all of their equipment.

Hotaru: What exactly is going on?

Shuichi: I, honestly, have no clue.

Voice: Well that’s nothing new!

They all turn around to see Shiori. She is standing with two other men.

Shuichi Narration: This is my best friend, Rin Aikawa. She’s three years older than me, and has been trying to get a job producing a band for a while now.

Hotaru: So, the runt arrives.

Rin pops him on the arm.

Rin: Shut up, Taru.

Rin: Sorry to call you all out like this.

Shuichi: Yeah, what’s up?

Rin: I finally got a job as an A&R.

They all look a bit lost.

Rin: I’ve decided to sign you. ^^

Yukino: But wait a minute Rin. When we sent in our demo tape they told us we had potential, but we still don’t have a drummer. We can only get so far using electronic drums. Thus, they turned us down.

Rin: Not a problem. Meet Yue Heion. He has agreed to join Rhythm–L starting today.

Yukino: ……He any good?

Rin: You can find that out for yourself.

Yukino: Oooooookaaaaaayyy……

Hotaru: I’ll ask again: Why, exactly, are we here?

Rin: Don’t make me hit you again, Taru. This is your first venue – a public unannounced concert. This will gain you popularity and give us an idea of how well Rhythm–L will do in the music world.

Yukino: And you think this guy will help?

She points at Yue

Other Man: Of course he will. He’s the best.

Yukino: Really? And who are you?

He holds out his hand to shake, Yukino shakes it.

Man: My name is Ken. Ken Fitzgerald. I’m currently Yue’s manager. If it turns out you guys will promote Yue and not bring him down, I will agree to manage you. Nice to meet you.

Yukino: ……

Nanase: So are we here to talk business, or are we here to play? ‘Cause if we’re just here to talk business, I’m gonna go take a nap.

Yukino: Nani!

Shuichi: Ha ha ha! Let’s go guys!

They are now on stage. Nanase and Hotaru are tuning they’re instruments. Tatsuya is setting his keyboard. Yue is setting up the drum set. Yukino is testing and setting up the mics. Shuichi is tuning her guitar. She looks over at Yue.

Shuichi: You sure you can do this today? I’m mean, it’s not like I’m doubting you or anything, it’s just that, we just met you, and you don’t know any of the music and…

She looks a bit sheepish. He looks at her. He then starts to play something. He seems very relaxed. He stops for a moment. Shuichi notices this and looks up at him. He then breaks out into a drum solo. Everyone is staring at him.

Shuichi: The speed of his sticks is amazing…And he’s double footing the basses…I’ve never met anyone this good before!!

He stops and looks at Shuichi.

Yue: Just count it off and I’ll take it from there.

Shuichi is just staring at him in shock.

Yukino: Um…Shuichi. You might wanna get over here.

Shuichi snaps to look towards Yukino

Shuichi: Hm? What?

She stops. She is in shock. Yue’s playing has drawn a crowd.

Shuichi: …Heh… o_o

Hotaru: Psss! Shuichi! Snap out of it!

Shuichi snaps back to reality.

Shuichi: Yuki!

They look at each other

Shuichi: Let’s do this.

Yukino: Right!

Yukino grab the microphone and faces the crowd.

Yukino: Hey everyone! Thanks for coming here today!

Shuichi: To perform for you today, we are Rhythm – L! Please be nice! ^_^

Shuichi turns to the rest of the band.

Shuichi: Ready guys?

Hotaru, Nanase, Tatsuya & Yukino: Yeah!

They start to play. They are well received by the crowd. We go backstage to where Ken and Rin are.

Rin: So? What do you think?

Ken: Not bad. They do have potential. I like their spirit and energy. When those two combine their voices it’s awesome.

Rin: I told you they’d surprise you. So, are they worthy of the great Ken?

Ken doesn’t answer. He simply watches the performance and smirks. On stage they are having a blast.

Later that evening. The performance is over. Shuichi and Yukino are sitting on the edge of the stage. They seem worn out. The others are helping in the tear down of the stage.

Shuichi: That was sooo awesome! It felt great!

Yukino: Yeah, it felt great. But now I’m exhausted.

She falls back to lie down.

Shuichi: well that’s not surprising. We played for almost eight hours straight! I’m surprised you can still talk! My fingers are killing me.

Yukino: yeah, no kidding. We played all of our songs, then we started asking the audience for any songs they’d like to hear. I didn’t realize Namie was so popular.

Shuichi: Ha ha ha! You’re just bummed out because only one person requested an X Japan song and it was Rusty Nail!

Yukino: So, what’s your point? I like that song. You should happy. A lot of people requested Gackt.

Shuichi: Ha ha ha! Yeah, that’s true enough.

Yukino send her a look of pure loathing.

Shuichi: He he, Hey don’t get mad at me for it! Modern pop is just more popular now than retro hard rock.

Yukino: Yeeeesssh…

Yukino closes her eyes for a moment. When she opens them again, Tatsuya is staring at her, about an inch from her face blinking. She screams and punches him in the chin. He falls back holding his chin.

Tatsuya: What the hell was that for?

Yukino: Don’t scare me like that, asshole!

Tatsuya: Well excuse me! You didn’t have to punch me!

Yukino: Then don’t get in my face, dumbass!

Tatsuya: Then don’t lie on the ground like that, idiot!

Yukino: I’ll lie on the ground if I want to lie on the ground!

Shuichi: Hey, hey, hey! Come on you two, chill out!

Yukino: Not until you tell that little punk–ass to get off my case!

Nanase: Come on Yuki, he’s not worth getting worked up over.

Shuichi: Tatsuya, just chill out.

Tatsuya: Get that bitch to chill out first!

Yukino: Who’re you callin’ a bitch?

Tatsuya: You, Bitch!

Yukino: Oh, that’s it!

She swings at Tatsuya, catching him on his cheek. He swings back at her and punches her in her stomach. They continue like this inside a dust cloud, yelling at each other the whole time. Nanase and Shuichi look on in dismay. Hotaru and Yue are ignoring the fight. Ken is looking semi-worriedly at the fight.

Ken: Should we go stop then, or is this normal?

Rin: huh? Oh, no this is normal. They do this all the time. They’ll be fine.

Nanase: These two are completely crazy. ~_~

Shuichi: At least you don’t have to live with them. ~_~

Nanase: I feel for you.

They hear a slow clap and start. Yukino and Tatsuya freeze. Tatsuya had hold of Yukino’s hair with one hand and is pulling on her cheek with his other hand. She is pushing his face away with one hand and pulling on his shirt with the other. She is also about to kick his groin. They all turn towards the sound. A man in a business suit is standing there, clapping, looking smug.

Rin: Ah! Mr. President!

President: That was quite a performance today.

Rin: I’m sorry! I should have run this by you first. I’m so sorry! I really screwed up, I’m sorry!

On stage Yukino, Tatsuya, Shuichi, Nanase and Hotaru are all huddled on the ground.

Yukino: Who is this guy?

Shuichi: I’m not sure.

Hotaru: Rin called him the president.

Nanase: Yeah, but what does that mean?

Shuichi: Maybe he’s the president of the record label Rin works for?

Tatsuya: Maybe, but he doesn’t seem happy.

Yukino: Yeah, I wonder what’s going on?

Voice: That is Subaru Chie.

They all look up to see Yue standing above them glaring at the man.

Yue: That bastard. What’s he want here?

Subaru: You’re new so I can understand you maybe forgetting to run things by me first, but it was very poor judgement to not formally announce this concert.

Rin: I’m sorry… u_u

Subaru: I believe I hired you as an A&R. That put you in charge of finding and producing new groups. But you were not hired as a manager. You are not fit to be one. Your lack of judgement today proves that.

Rin: Yes sir…

Rin looks flustered and on the verge of tears.

Subaru: In the future, please stick to what you do best.

Rin: Yes sir.

Subaru turns to leave.

Ken: Wait.

Subaru stops and turns.

Ken: Don’t take this out on her. This concert was my idea.

Subaru: Ah, Ken. Nice to see you again.

Subaru suddenly realizes something. His manner darkens.

Subaru: That means he’s here as well then.

Ken doesn’t respond. They stare at each other a moment.

Subaru: Very well. You know the restrictions…

His eyes narrow.

Subaru: And the repercussions of your actions.

Ken still stays stoic. Rin looks a bit nervous. Subaru turn and walks off.

Subaru: I look forward to seeing how well Rhythm–L will do.

Back on stage they all look a bit lost.

Yukino: Okay, anybody know what’s going on?

Yue: Subaru Chie is the company president of BC Record. He is not someone to trifle with.

Yukino: You know him?

Yue: You might say that.

His face is very intense.

Yue: Just what are you planning, Subaru?


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